What can I find here?

Hi, welcome to TickTick!

This guide is divided into six chapters to help you understand the features of TickTick.

Chapter Content
Chapter 1 About TickTick
Chapter 2 TickTick Web version
Chapter 3 TickTick Android app
Chapter 4 TicKTick iOS app
Chapter 5 Chrome Extension
Chapter 6 Video Tutorials
Chapter 7 Filter
Chapter 8 Smart Date Parsing

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions that are not mentioned here. You may also create a discussion thread at TickTick Help Center or email us directly at support@ticktick.com.

Would you like to help us with translation?

We are determined to make TickTick a multi-language app. If you are willing to contribute for part of the translation work, please contact us via email. See below for more information:

English, Russian, Korean, Hebrew, French, Germany, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Slovak, Ukrainian, Spanish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Japanese, Polish

Some of the languages above are available only on specific platforms, Let us know if you could help us do better!

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