How to add a new task via email?

If your email inbox is full of to-dos, you can turn them into tasks using Mail Service in TickTick.

  1. Sign in to TickTick on the web.

  2. Click the avatar in the upper-left corner of your TickTick homepage, then click "Settings" from the menu that appears.

  3. Click "Calendar & Mail" in the left panel.

Two separate email address appear at the bottom of the right panel.


If you sign into TickTick with a registered email address, you can email your task to via your registered email address.

This is a unique email address generated for your TickTick account (Note: click "Reset" to obtain a new address). You can email your task to TickTick by using any email program to send your task to

The email subject line becomes the task name, while the items in the body of your email become the details appearing in the task . You can also add a date and reminder time to the email subject to cause TickTick to set a due date for your task on that date with that reminder. For example, you can write "Go to Starbucks with Frank tomorrow 4pm" or "Go shopping 2/4 4pm" in the subject, then you will find this task in TickTick's "Inbox" with the same due dates and reminder times.

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