Three ways to start a pomo

In the pomo timer:
  1. Go to the pomo timer from the tab bar.
  2. Tab the button at the top right corner and select a task that you want to focus on.
  3. Pomo timer will be auto started once you select a task.


In a task detail view:

Tap the "..."icon at the top right corner - Select to "Start Pomo".


Via a task notification:

When a notificaiton pops up in TickTick, tap the "Start" button and begin to focus rightaway.


How to custom my Pomo settings?

  1. Go to "Pomo Timer" from the Settings page.
  2. Customize the settings such as Short break Duration, Long Break Duration,etc.


Can I skip to break or pause a pomo?

No. Except for abandoning the current pomo, the function is not designed to be interrupted by other actions. The pomo timer function was developed based on The Pomodoro Technique - one of the most useful time management methods in the world. For more info:

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