How to cancel my subscription? What about refund?

Refunds are available within 14 days after the purchase. If you upgraded with Android or Web, please provide your TickTick account and transaction ID to with a refund request. If you upgraded with iOS, you will need to ask Apple for refund because of the Apple's limits. Here is the link to report your request to Apple:

Meanwhile, you should cancel the subscription from the platform where you purchased TickTick to ensure that you'll not be charged again.

Paypal: You can enter PayPal to cancel your subscription:

iOS: You can cancel your subscription in App Store by: 1. Scroll down the screen and tap your Apple ID at the bottom. 2. Tap "View Apple ID". 3. Tap "Subscription" and choose TickTick. 4. Tap "Cancel Subscription".

Android: You can cancel your subscription in Play Store by: Tap "Account" in sidebar. Tap "Subscriptions", then find TickTick to cancel.

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